“Seeing Risk as a Benefit”


“An environment that is as safe as possible, where all possible sources of risk or harm are removed, is actually an unsafe environment because it offers little value in terms of play and learning and denies children the necessary experience to develop and practice the skills to be safe” Helen Tovy, Childcare Exchange Magazine, May/June 2014


Jane Nelson on Self-toileting, Sometimes Called “Toilet Training”

Jane Nelson on Self-toileting, Sometimes Called “Toilet Training”

I have written some stuff on this, but Jane Nelson (of Positive Discipline) says it as well or better.  This is a “take time for training” issue.  Once they are trained to deal with poop/pee and all that entails, and complete dressing/undressing on their own, it is no longer your concern and becomes the child’s issue, which is (whew) a relief, and will be much more successful for everyone.  Cheers!