Parenting Hacks

Listened to a podcast from Tim Ferriss (4 hour work week) about “life hacks”: tricks to make you proficient with less work, and thought about the parenting classes we teach (5 sessions, 2 hours a session).  They are already “Cliff Notes”, but wondered if I could hit the highlights, so here goes….

#1 Tell, don’t ask.  That is, don’t set yourself up for getting mad by asking a child something that is not optional: “Do you want to put on your coat?” Instead, we often use “After….”.  “After you get your jammies on, we can read that book.”  Or “When..”; “When you have your shoes on, you can have your other piece of toast.”  I think of it as leapfrogging over the possible power struggle to the thing wanted.  Some children love the attention or power of unneeded discussion.  This is no fun for parents.  Pants, shoes, teeth brushing, time to leave should not be up for conversation.  Leapfrog over those suckers, baby!tree picture


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