Parenting Hack #3: Stop, Drop and Breathe

relaxedOkay, I copied this title from a genius: Laura Markham.  You can read her post here

I, however, am posting this Zen Frog to remind you to “get down” 🙂  Not the “and boogey” kind, but, when I am feeling annoyed with a child, I may remember to stop (moving, usually, away from the child, to do some “thing that needs doing”), drop (down, to a squat, or maybe right down on the floor, to eye level), make eye contact and listen a bit more.

At this point, I often discover that I have missed the boat, or the lily pad, to go back to Zen Frog.  The child is not feeling heard, in real need, upset, confused, and I need to tune in.  Otherwise, quite often, something will fall into the pond, and that “thing that needs doing” will not get done at that moment, anyway. hugging frog

At this point, you might need this image: a hug might help.  Try it!


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