Things Your Grown Children Could Tell You About if You Knew to Ask

old+lady+at+computerOkay, that is a terrible title, but there it is.  This is obviously for old people like me, or those who are tech averse, or both.

Both of my sons have recently changed my life.  One came home and hacked every electronic device to make it run better/faster.  The other turned me on to podcasts.  P-O-D-C-A-S-T-S.  Wow.

I have been running again, and was bribing myself with books on Audible, on my Android.  (Had to go through two sets of earbuds- any tips on that, guys? I forgot to ask.)  Books are expensive, though.  And I got addicted to Terrible Fiction that was easy to listen to while gasping for breath.

Podcasts.  Of course, he mentioned it about 12 times.  Then he told me how to listen to podcasts.  I use Stitcher (  He also told me some podcasts to listen to.  A great one is Hardcore History (  NPR has a bunch of them.  I love Rachel Maddow (, but then, I am an old liberal.

You can learn about organic gardening ( or spirituality ( or sexuality (

I have to say, I am an information junkie.  I just “cleaned off my desk” (I can see some of the wood), so I am very reluctant to throw any information away. The reality, of course, is that I have only so many hours in a day that I can motivate myself to read non-fiction.  So, I can listen to smart people while I am doing necessary evils.  This has changed my life while weeding the garden, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, raking leaves.

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