More on Montessori and Flow!

I love talking about Montessori and “flow”.

Healthy Beginnings Montessori

Probably one of the best “Montessori” responses to the ever so growing, controversial ADHD diagnosis. This article explains the differences between conventional schools vs. Montessori schools, and what they both have to offer children diagnosed with ADHD. As parents, we struggle with what to do to help our children; we all want the best treatment. The answer just might lie in the type of education they are receiving, which can set a foundation for the way they learn for the rest of their lives. Children with diagnoses such as these need the opportunity to “train their attention” using works that capitalize on their spontaneous sensitive periods of concentration. Painting the world map can draw forth an immense amount of concentration, for example. Probably more so than any attention-training video game.

“Montessori environments are specifically designed to train attention by providing children opportunities to practice deep concentration for long periods…

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