Painting with Kool-Aid…


wpid-20141110_100348.jpgFor the first time, I used a non-washable paint, and held my breath.  The paint we used?  Made from Kool-aid!  It smelled great and nobody ended up drinking it.  Also, the majority of the color mixing was done on the paper as opposed to in the cups.

The children were happy to try out a new type of paint.  As an added bit of fun, once they were done, the sprinkled with baking soda and it fizzled!  It was an art/science comb day!

Set-up was super easy.  Drape everyone and the surrounding area in plastic.  Mix a packet of Kool-aid and a small bit of water in a jar (I may have used too much water).  Make sure you have a better variety of colors.  Then give them paintbrushes, paper and encourage them to go to work.

wpid-20141215_062317.jpgThe idea came from BlogMeMom whose children created gorgeous colorful masterpieces.  I’m not…

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