Slow Learners

Teachers are slow learners. We have to forgive ourselves. Lovely blog post about Montessori elementary in India.

Kissable Zebra Lips and Other Things

Most Elementary mornings begin with excited exchange – news of astronomical breakthroughs, cricket scores, discovery of a new species of frogs, goodies in the lunch box, plans for sleepover… How much 6 to 12-year-olds talk, and listen too!
A little six-year old girl came over to me, bursting with excitement, “Rama, I had this dream last night. I was on a tall mountain and…”
“Why don’t you write it down? Maybe we can put it up for the others to read too”
I saw her physically swallow her words; she walked into the class, glum.
“There goes a dream never to be shared,” I realised.

I had been taught to LISTEN.
But I’m slow to learn.

“Rama, your bangles are so beautiful. There are so many shades of blue…”
“Do remember to complete your fractions equivalency chart today.”
Whatever happened to “thank yous” and politeness?

Teachers learn slowly.


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