Why Practical Life?

Oh my gosh, this guy is so cute! And orange juice squeezing is THE most popular work at school. 🙂

Nduoma Montessori

Yesterday, my son woke up, walked out of the room and immediately signed “hungry”. He then walked into the kitchen and pointed to his apron and signed for putting it on. I handed it to him (I need to install a lower hook), he put it on and proceeded to pull out his kitchen helper and then pointed to the fridge and said “egg!” He is 16 months old now. I love that instead of crying or waiting passively, he is able to express his need and even do something about it.This scenario illustrates one of the many reasons I love what Montessorians refer to as practical life activities.

These are activities that involve the child in daily life and help him develop skills for maintaining and caring for himself, others, and his environment. They also help him to adapt to the social life and expectations of his time and…

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