Diapering the RIE way Supports Early Literacy

Lovely description of the effects of slowing down when doing caregiving tasks with infant/toddlers.

the CHILD centered

When one observes closely a baby being diapered the RIE way the idea that interchange could support early literacy takes root.  Did RIE Founder Magda Gerber see this correlation between reading readiness and diapering?

Taking a look at Magda’s segment on the topic in her book Your Self Confident Baby:  How to Encourage Your Child’s Natural Abilities- from the very start one gets a feel for her ideals in regards to  importance of diapering.  She often reminded us that a baby gets a diaper change six or seven THOUSAND times from birth until she learns to use the toilet on her own.  We might as well make the most of this learning opportunity.

Toileting, like reading, requires the active participation of the child- the key being cooperation. Interestingly, if you replace the idea of diapering with that of reading when Magda describes the RIE Approach to Cooperation in Diapering on…

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