Happy Anniversary, Maria Montessori

107 years young! Happy birthday, Montessori schools all over the world!

Healthy Beginnings Montessori

Casa De Bambini
Today is the 108th anniversary since the opening of the first Montessori house, Casa Dei Bambini, in Rome, Italy.

Article from the Baan Dek School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:
A letter written to Dr. Maria Montessori on behalf of every Montessori educator around the world…

Dear Maria Montessori,

Happy Anniversary! It’s so hard to believe, but today marks the one hundred and eighth year since you opened the first Casa Dei Bambini, in Rome, Italy. So much has changed since that initial Children’s House, and yet, we would like to think, so much of your original insights, well, they remain exactly the same. 

We can almost hear you speak these words that you so eloquently wrote in Education for a New World: “If education is to be reformed, it must be based upon the children.” This statement, and so many others, remain, to be sure, an inspiration to schools, children, and communities throughout…

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