How to talk to children about how to talk to people


This might be me. Prickly and cute, or cute and prickly. It might be me at my best, maybe. I don’t see myself objectively, but I just reflected on this as I responded all judgey to a post on Facebook. To another Montessori teacher, how ironic. My apolocy: “G & C fail.”

That is, “grace and courtesy fail.” That is, sorry, I should know better.

Montessori created the only educational system that I know of that contains “how to talk to people” as part of the curriculum. That’s what she called it “grace and courtesy”, very 19th century of her. It is part of the curriculum area: “Practical life” (also called “everyday living”). How practical, that it would be helpful to teach young humans things that will help them live, like how to blow their noses, how to greet people, and how to ask for help.

Some days in the classroom, I feel that this is 80% of what I do, to give those words: “You could say: ‘Will you come get me when you are done with that?'” “I might want to say: ‘Leave my work’ if someone did that to me.” “You could say: ‘I don’t want to be wet!'”

And then, of course, I am reminded of how I am supposed to talk to people. Good reminders. I need them every day.


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