Teaching Gentleness through Practical Life

Cooking with children: why it’s worth the mess!

Nduoma Montessori

Eggs are fragile. Whether handling raw eggs, cracking them, peeling or slicing them, extra care is required to get the desired results. While this requirement might seem like a good reason to prevent children from working with eggs, it is the exact reason why children, even toddlers should work with them.

Working with eggs provides the child with opportunities to practice and improve their fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

It has rich sensorial qualities with it different textures when raw, fried or boiled. Its layers when boiled also provide different sensorial feedback.

It indirectly provides science learning opportunities… the child watches the state change from liquid to solid with a change in temperature etc

There are many more learning opportunities that come with working with eggs but for me the best thing the child can learn from working with eggs is gentleness. Their fragility require the child to focus…

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