Resources for the home

abbaI am re-reading a lot of my Montessori books. This one is Montessori Play and Learn, by Leslie Britton (, which apparently is out of print 😦

Here is one activity from it, which I thought was lovely: Listening Walk Tape
(age 1-6 years)
“Apart from the obvious reason of taking a walk in the country or park more interesting, you can help your child to become more aware of the world around him and teach him new things.

What you need: A tape recorder or smart phone, but not necessarily. You can take a “listening walk” without recording it.

How to play:
1) on your walk you can either decide not to talk at all and just listen to everything you hear and try and recall it later, or you can stop regularly, sit down, and wait and listen.

2) Then ask your child what sounds he has heard and ask him to tell you what he thinks the noises might be. In the woods or on the beach, this kind of walk can be very rewarding and fun.

3) later he can listen to the tape and tell you what he remembers about the walk.”


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