Changing thinking is hard

effort-invest-time-like-antI am in a wonderful Montessori teacher facebook group with other teachers from around the world. We all are passionate about Montessori education, have training and some, or a lot of experience, and our training is very similar. We can say “pink tower” and we all instantly know what that means- how nerdy and esoteric is that?

But they are more tech savvy than I, and they may, through circumstance, or experience, or the laws or benefits within their countries, see thing differently.

This is fascinating, like meeting your twin separated at birth who grew up in Austria, or India, or Norway, and so eats and looks at and talks about and walks through very different things.

It is also uncomfortable. This morning, reading about using MailChimp to handle email, I felt that my brain was being turned 90 degrees inside my skull, and I didn’t like it. I wanted to say: “That is of no use to me!” However, I have learned, that there is no benefit in throwing everything new away, as there is no benefit to trying everything new without consideration.

Did you know this is actually about parenting????

New parenting ideas are uncomfortable. They are more deeply disturbing, because they make us question our own childhoods, our own beliefs about what families are, what moms are, what dads and siblings are. Ouch. It is like being poked in the tender places.

And the risks are so great! These children are are very soul, our “heart on our sleeve” as one writer put it.

All I can do is support you in slowing down, trying to detach from emotional buttons (left over from your childhood, perhaps), and just see/observe your child. It is very true, that they probably need no more from you than your attentive presence and some teaching. And that can happen for small periods of time. And some joyful appreciation for who they are in the process of constructing. Because, as Montessori said, that is their job.


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