What you can learn when you watch and listen….

Ah, she is so wise!3526-child_s-hair-brush_1

(I love this image; this looks like “doing something with” as opposed to “doing something to”, to me.)

Kissable Zebra Lips and Other Things

I have always had abundant support at home with cooking, cleaning and all things domestic. I had the luxury of working undisturbed, reflecting, planning, preparing for class. I woke up every morning raring to get to school.

But as the early rays of the sun poured in through the windows, shifting visibly through solstice and equinox, Abhimanyu, my younger son, and I went through our daily tussle – he hated to brush and I loved to nag.
Why won’t you just brush your teeth, Abhimanyu?
How many times do I have to tell you to brush your teeth?
Gosh, that mouth smells like the ______!
You’re going to be toothless by the time you turn 10.
Why do I have to remind you every day!

And then one morning I surprised him and myself with a soft and simple, almost in passing, “Abhimanyu, brush your teeth.”

He brushed with no resistance, still wondering what…

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