Simplicity of Education

This is such a post about what Montessori wrote and thought about teaching….

Kissable Zebra Lips and Other Things


“What is a realization?” was the topic of an animated discussion in the Elementary class.

Adding to the many interesting and unexpected responses, 9-year old ‘A’ said, “It’s what comes in a fraction of a second,” he snapped his finger, “and sometimes slips away in the next. But it always makes us different people.”

I woke up with a realization after a good night’s sleep, letting the network of neurons organize themselves, connecting, consolidating. This probably is no new learning, and I must have had the same awareness a few times in the past, yet many thoughts from the last few days fell into place.

I realized that the principle of Montessori Education, in fact all education, is very simple –

  • Knowledge and faith in the natural path of development of human beings from birth to maturity.
  • Preparation of a protected environment with the means of development.
  • Serve, assist, guide.

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