Spring is the time for new things!


See this little waif?  She is my youngest, and, 25 years after this picture was taken,  she is expecting a baby in November.  I feel like I have been invited to Narnia, or some other wonderful place which I thought before was not real. 🙂

So, I haven’t been blogging much :).  Or at all.

That, and meeting lots and lots of new families for the school year, which is also a blessing.  Everyone loves talking about their most loved little people, and I love hearing about them.

They all want “something more” for their children, and I would love to give it to them.  This year, as every year, I cannot offer it to everyone who comes.  For some, what they want is really not what we do.  For others, there are barriers in the way of learning that need to be addressed, and they are not ready to start this information-gathering process….for lots of reasons.  For some, it is bad luck or timing!  And, can you imagine saying “no” to the grandson or daughter of a dear friend, or the child of one of your children’s dear friends?  And, in the US, it is expensive.  There is no outside funding (other than fundraising ourselves) which supports what we do.  And I don’t want to organize fundraisers; I want to teach children and talk to parents.

This is what it is like in the Spring of each year: getting ready to say goodbye to the amazing 5 year olds, whom you love, who are so self-possessed and bright and self-aware and meta-cognitive that you cannot manage being without them; looking at new two year olds and wondering how you can handle that process another year; trying to listen to the hearts of new families to find the best fit; and remembering to have faith, in myself, the staff, the parents, and, most of all, in the children, who are made to learn.

And, this year, thinking about Baby Coffey Bean.


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