It helps if, in life, pants are not optional.

724_002From Facebook: “What is the rie/ montessori approach to a 2 yr old who refuses to get dressed in the morning? We ask him what he wants to do that day and it’s invariably go outside for a walk, but that fact doesn’t persuade him to help us or allow us to dress him. Ideas appreciated :)”

My response: “After you get dressed, we can go for a walk. Do you want some help?” If answer is no, cheerfully go away and make yourself some toast. After several days of your sticking to your guns to be a helpful helper of independent dressing who doesn’t do anything else (cajole, nag, remind, complain, explain), he will get the point. I think it is good if dressing is a habit, so we can talk about something else in the morning. It starts with this: all good things (including breakfast, if need be) start with clothes.


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