More good parenting books

Simplicity Parenting is a good book on the “preparation of the spirit” for teachers about which Montessori taught. If teachers need “preparation”, how much more do parents??? As a parent, your deepest vulnerabilities and weaknesses are explored.

The premise of this book is to simplify and what that means, and how.

One point in the chapter Rhythm: “Involving kids in the food preparation will also help ease the transition to the table. If you’re pulling a child away from play, it is easier to pull them into an activity than to pull them into a chair. :Come on, Emma, I need you to give these peas a bath.” There are three areas where kids can exert control and win: eating, pooping and sleeping. More to the point: not eating, pooping or sleeping. When hauled out of play, kids can be ready for a fight. You sit them down to a plate of food and they’ve found a fight they know they can win. You can’t make them eat, it’s true, but with a little ramp building you can even the odds.

Involving everyone in the cleanup is an ideal way to ramp down from the meal to the evening rhythms and activities. This continues the democracy of the meal: if you eat it you might help prepare it, but you surely help clean up from it.” (pp. 115-16)