Parent Resource: Building Resilience in our Children

Healthy Beginnings Montessori

It’s difficult as a parents to let our children make their own mistakes, to see them struggle through a difficult situation, all the while knowing that we can help them by simply tying their shoes for them, or pick up the chair that they’re trying to lift on their own…but are we really helping?

Letting your children struggle through hard times (considering that their safety is not compromised) gives them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, and to develop coping mechanisms that will make them resilient towards even harder situations in the future. Children need to know that there are good and bad consequences to any situation, and that it’s OK to experience both. If we always intervene and prevent the “bad consequences” from happening, then we are only making it harder for them in the long-run. For example, when they grow into adulthood, they may not be adaptable to…

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